Snappy Fleet

Snappy Fleet is for customers with four or more vehicles under one account. Most commonly used with businesses but can be used as a family plan for those plans with four or more vehicles. By purchasing a Fleet account, the customer will save more money than buying each wash individually. The payment options for a Fleet account are monthly credit/debit card charge in house OR a mailed monthly invoice. We also have the availability to track the usage for your account specifically.

A fleet account can be set up two different ways

Unlimited FastPass: Each vehicle gets a sticker that identifies the correct account and wash the vehicle is set up for. The pass can be a wash package or a wash discount.

Barcode: One universal barcode for the fleet. This would not be for unlimited purposes, only discount off of a wash package the customer chooses. This option is typically for car dealers or smaller fleet accounts who do not do a high number of washes.